The FCC’s “Future of Media” Inquiry: What Is the FCC Doing – And Why?

On April 16, the Free State Foundation hosted an event titled, “The FCC’s ‘Future of Media’ Inquiry: What Is the FCC Doing – And Why?” Click below to watch archived footage of the event.

Part 1

Part 2

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One Response to “The FCC’s “Future of Media” Inquiry: What Is the FCC Doing – And Why?”

  1. BruceMajors Says:

    The Obama regime’s flak for censorship, Steve Waldman, begins his talk with the rhetorical trick of saying it is ok for the FCC to control the press, broadcasters, and the internet, because the government has always controlled the media, beginning with postal subsidies to newspapers. So it is only a question of how much and where it should be involved.

    He evades the question of whether it should ever have been involved in the first place and whether the FCC should exist, and whether broadcast spectrum should be owned and allocated by the State, rather than being privately owned, marketable titles.

    I am the person in jeans who walked out during the question session. I thought this panel was a great idea but execrable, between the Waldman’s Mr. Roger’s mask for calls for censorship and the tepid response by the panelists. I had to leave before a made a citizen’s arrest and called a citizens’ tribunal to try this fascist.

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