More Experts Weigh in on FCC Authority

Earlier this week, Walter McCormick, President & CEO of USTelecom, appeared as a guest on C-SPAN’s The Communicators.  Mr. McCormick was invited to share his valued perspective on the current state of broadband affairs in the U.S.  Previous guests of the show include FCC Commissioners, members of Congress, and other thought leaders working to meet today’s communications policy challenges.     Watch the video below to hear Mr. McCormick discuss the healthy state of competition in America’s broadband industry as well as the potential harms associated with the FCC intent’s to reclassify how broadband is regulated, and particularly how the FCC’s regulatory agenda could adversely impact what has otherwise been a healthy investment climate in broadband infrastructure.

FCC authority over broadband was also a topic of discussion at a recent Berkman Center event in Washington, DC.  One of the expert panelists was Jon Nuechterlein, a Partner at Wilmer Hale who was formerly Deputy General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission.  NextGenWeb sat down with Nuechterlein to discuss the implications of the FCC’s proposed “third way.” His history at the FCC and expertise on these issues make him a valuable voice in this time of great debate (Disclaimer – Nuechterlein speaks on behalf of himself, and his views are not necessarily those of his clients or firm).

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