Broadband Provides an Easier Holiday Shopping Experience

For many gift buyers, looking for parking or standing in long lines does not seem like the best use of time during the holiday season. And for many people, their broadband connection allows them a more comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience with out all the hustle and bustle. Despite the downturn in our economy, this year, online shopping has marked a 12 percent increase with $27.46 billion spent, according to digital business analytics group, ComScore.

Over 1,500 retailers with a major online presence, came together to offer “free shipping day” on Friday, December 17th. Free shipping day sold 61 percent more online merchandise than the same shopping day last year.

And if you’re still not sure what to gifts to purchase for your loved ones and dear friends, you can check out the Wall Street Journal’s online Holiday Gift Guide. But hurry up!

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