Broadband Economics Addressed at Phoenix Center Telecom Symposium

Broadband policy thought leaders from government, industry, and think tanks gathered to address key broadband policy challenges yesterday at the Phoenix Center Telecom Symposium.  Examining the promotion of jobs and innovation, participants expressed their views on the best policies for a thriving Internet ecosystem from a global perspective.

Blair Levin, the leader of the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, now a Fellow with the Aspen Institute, delivered the keynote address.  Levin urges that America’s future rests on what he calls a ‘high performance knowledge exchange platform.’ Noting that our broadband technology revolution is powering changing information exchanges and the economy, even in traditional job sectors like manufacturing and agriculture, Levin wants to focus on improvement and diversity. “Most things in internet ecosystem doing very well.  We don’t need massive government intervention.”

Dr. Michael Mandel of the Progressive Policy Institute and Chief Economist Visible Economy LLC, drove home a vivid point about the direction that broadband policymakers should take when it comes to regulation, after reminding attendees that the communications sector is a main driver of economic growth.  “It’s simple. Do you want to see investment increase or decrease by as much as 20%?”

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