Mobile Innovation and the Advancement of Healthcare

On July 26, the Institute for Policy Innovation held a briefing on Capitol Hill to discuss the future of healthcare, emphasizing mobile innovation as the biggest driver of change. New developments in health information technology are rapidly changing the way medical professionals deliver care and patients manage their own health. Merrill Matthew, a resident scholar at the Institute, remarked that real health care reform that improves quality, reduces costs and increases access is happening through innovation, not legislation.

Representative Michael Burgess, M.D. (R –TX, 26) delivered the keynote address to the audience of Hill staff, media and industry representatives. Representative Burgess agreed that mobile health is the future of healthcare and emphasized the importance of preserving a free market environment that will allow innovators to continue to thrive.  As the market rapidly changes, “it is impossible for us today to envision the future of technology so policy matters, but innovation will make us a competitive nation,” the Congressman remarked.

Today, the majority of Americans own a cell phone. Many even own a smartphone or tablet device. In some cases, a person might own all three mobile devices. Creating technologies that interact with a patient’s cell phone or smartphone ensures a link between the healthcare provider and the patient. For example, patients are able to send in pictures of wounds and transmit them to their doctors for a diagnosis. The doctor can also access a patient’s health records remotely from a mobile device.  Mobile health allows patients to be more engaged in their personal health.

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