California Rep. Urges Congress to Go Green By Going Paperless

California Representative Mike Honda urged his colleagues in the U.S. Congress to start thinking about going green by reducing the amount of paper Congress uses and becoming more dependent on technology. “I believe every member can support moving toward a more paperless Congress as technology allows. I would join my colleagues on both sides of the aisle in finding ways to restructure our processes so that we can eventually get to a point where less and less paper is needed for this body to properly function,” commented Representative Honda.

At a hearing of the House Administration Committee, Representative Honda voiced concern that some of his colleagues have been slow to adapt to new technologies, stating the example of wasting paper to print the Congressional Record every morning when it is available in digital format. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets allow information to be accessible from virtually any location. Reading and storing documents in electronic format, can significantly cut down on the amount of paper waste that is created by printing items daily in bulk –like the Congressional Record.

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